What does your shoe say about you?

“Tell a man by his shoes,” the good-old grandmas’ words hold true at all times. Shoes say a lot about its wearers.It ain’t surprising how

“Tell a man by his shoes,” the good-old grandmas’ words hold true at all times. Shoes say a lot about its wearers. It ain’t surprising how people make guesses about others with just one crucial aspect — Footwear.

Apart from habits and the way someone walks, footwear also says a lot about one’s personality trait. Probably that is why some say we wear our hearts not on our sleeves but on our shoes.

Since time immemorial, shoes have served the practical purpose of protecting our feet. But, today, it is more than just an element of protection, it helps define our personality. Just with some care, attention and style sense, you can avoid a fashion faux pas and have your best foot forward. But, don’t be too quick to judge someone.

Shoe style


That one friend-cum-colleague whose formal shoes are always absolutely impeccable. Wondered how he manages to? It says about how meticulous he is. It isn’t just about his appearance but also how hygiene-conscious he is. All if it also reflects in their detail to work. Attention for detail at work and in attire is often closely related.

Having said that, someone sporting casual shoes at work, according to study tend to be emotionally stable. They don’t get worked up by what others think about them. So, the next time you spot your colleague in dusty casuals don’t judge, they are less likely to be clingy.


We all know of people who opt to stand out from the crowd by sporting some colour on their footwear. It is often assumed that people who ditch regular blacks and browns, and wear bright or colourful shoes are extroverts. But they also are confident people, who like to take risks, once in a while. They do not wish to conform to the ‘standards’ set by society.

They are also termed as attention-seekers, but who cares.

Those who opt for darker shades tend to be commanding and organised, but also wish to play it safe.

Heel length

Men sporting heels are claimed to be confident by researchers. A look back at history reveals that during Louis XVI’s reign, high heels were worn by both men and women, even by Louis XVI himself, to denote status. Apart from this, some heel in shoes makes men feel powerful and confident.

Shoe type

Let’s take a look at what researchers and surveys have to say about men’s shoe type and traits of its users.


A man perceived to have a gentlemanly approach towards life and the people he encounters. Also, seem people, but want to be accepted by society.

Formal black shoes

A go-getter who toils it through. Someone who respects everyone and expects the same kind of respect in return.

Sandals/ flip-flops

Men sporting sandals are often considered laid-back. They are those who do not conform to the norms of the world and don’t quite care much about what the world thinks.


These high maintenance shoes reflect the style-quotient of its users. Their upkeep is indicative of how ​prim and propah ​ the men are and can go to any extent to get things done. In other words, high maintenance men.


Men who often sport boots come across as macho and trendy with great emphasis to details. They love to travel and seem tough.

Our footwear might help build or destroy our first impression, but let’s be careful to not end up shooting ourselves in the foot by assuming too much

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