Wedding footwear

Heading to a wedding? While you may haven’t invested as much time in deciding your attire as much as your partner, a few footwear

Heading to a wedding? While you may haven’t invested as much time in deciding your attire as much as your partner, a few footwear options to choose from will keep you in good stead. Listed are snazzy wedding footwear picks that are all the rage…

 Pastel-hued derbies:

While a classic cap-toed brogue never fails, derby shoes are stellar options for Asian weddings. Machine-washable, versatile and long-lasting; derby shoes in pastel hues like mint green and baby blue can spruce up your attire in an instant and helps shift the spotlight towards you (without upstaging the groom). And the best part? They’re easy to style and can be worn elsewhere too.

Weaved loafers

Keeping the weather in mind, it’s an intelligent choice to settle for breathable footwear. Hence, weaved loafers are stellar picks for groomsmen this season. Striking an intelligent balance between sharp yet casual, weaved loafers entail signature features: a wooden base and the leather finish which exudes a feel of a dress shoe despite not being one.


The popularity of the traditional mojaris dates back to centuries ago. And, they continue to reign supreme as ethnic wear footwear. The salient curved tip of mojaris lends a royal touch to your wedding attire. Pick mojaris in colours like bright red, electric green and canary yellow for a trendier spin.

Monk strap shoes:

It goes without saying how important it is for every gentleman to invest in a pair of fine monk strap shoes. For those wanting to play it safe and use it regularly, pick a pair in deep dark color . The double strap makes the shoe stand apart from regular dress shoes. Considering how monk strap shoes work with outfits of any kind, shelling out a few extra bucks is worth it.

Gladiator sandals:

If you plan of donning a classic cotton suit, step up your fashion game by sporting gladiator sandals. Ideal for daytime weddings, gladiator sandals offers a suave Indo-western touch that won’t go unnoticed.

When to pick black or white

While black is considered outright formal, you needn’t steer clear of them for the shaadi season. As a rule, sporting shoes in the same colour as your shirt is one of the easiest ways to get it (fashionably) right. Black shoes work well with brown, grey and charcoal black suits.

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