Style it up with Sandals

Is the hot and humid weather getting to you? Are you also thinking of switching to sandals and flip-flops for some ventilation? It is quite

Is the hot and humid weather getting to you? Are you also thinking of switching to sandals and flip-flops for some ventilation? It is quite the right way to head, despite backlash from people, provided you do it right. Like with any pair, there are some do’s and don’ts while picking them up.

With the right elements, it can make you look suave, while you’ll enjoy the comfort of slipping into one.

Flip-flops or sandals, there are some cardinal rules you must follow:


The primary question is what you have to keep in mind while picking the right pair. You need to step up the game if you wish to sport sandals in public. Make sure they are of high quality and can survive the heat and dust, complement your outfits and sturdy.

Since sandals only touch the feet in a few areas, make sure they aren’t ill-fit because then they’d rub against your feet and be a cause for shoe-bite. To avoid this, don’t skimp when picking up sandals. You should opt for wider straps as larger the area, lesser will be the chance of rubbing at a particular point. Don’t forget to moisturise your feet before wearing a new pair.

Comfort is the element for flip-flops, so be careful to check its sole. Stiff soles can be absolutely uncomfortable for regular use. You’ll need sandals with better arch support, else it will be a cause of discomfort and ache. No matter how much you love a pair of sandals, they’ll end up at the back in a shoe rack if they aren’t comfortable.


Next up is: where you wish to wear it. A casual lunch or a stroll, sandals can provide the comfort you require, and at the same time complement your casual outfit. If you’re heading out for a day at the beach, you don’t have to think twice, just pull out those strappy sandals. Think about where and with what you’ll actually be wearing the sandals, and buy accordingly. Two to three pairs will have you covered for most of your casual attire. You should let your flip-flops do the talking and be the focal point of an outfit, so avoid pairing them with too many accessories.

A three-piece with sandals is a no-no, but if you play it carefully, then a blue blazer with white trousers can be an ultimate look. You can also tea up sandals with shorts or linen blazer for a smart look.

No matter how good you look in them or how comfortable they are, avoid wearing them to your work station. Exposing your feet at work, might just a bit disrespectful to your workspace. But, on casual work Saturdays, it is a thumbs up.


Now comes the question that how do you sport a pair confidently. If you wish to expose your feet and wear sandals, the primary rule is to ensure that your feet are kempt. Nobody wishes to see disfigured toe-nails or rough heels. Clean feet aren’t as complicated as it sounds. Just get rid of those dead cells with a pumice stone after soaking them in the bath. Moisturise and make sure your nails are trim.

Men love to get some ventilation in their feet during the hot summer months. If you want to get some fresh air, you should roll up your trousers above the ankles. You should pinch your inseam and fold it in, and look neat when wearing your sandals. It is the perfect summer look that will make some heads turn.

If worn correctly, they will always look good and you can pull off the casual and semi-casual look effortlessly. We assure you that you’re in for some compliments for wearing sandals or flip-flops with these easy dress-up tips.

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