Stench-free shoes for the no-sock season

With temperatures soaring and comfort factor weighing in, men prefer to take the sockless route. But this comfort

With temperatures soaring and comfort factor weighing in, men prefer to take the sockless route. But this comfort comes at a cost: foul odour. The pungent smell is caused by bacteria that grow and multiply on our feet. The bacteria is caused because of the active and dense sweat glands on our feet. As such, sweat is odourless, but every drop of sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria. With very little or almost no ventilation, the odour is nearly inevitable. But don’t worry, we have you covered.

So here’s our plan of action: whether you want to sport your loafers or sneakers without socks, prevent two things — sweat and bacteria. Here are home remedies, which are extremely light on your pocket, to keep your feet and footwear fresh, round the year.

1. Wash your feet frequently

Most men feel that while bathing, water trickling down their legs is enough to clean their feet, but here is where the problem starts. The dead-skin eating bacteria need to be destroyed every single day, else they’ll continue to multiply despite taking a shower. Lather up your soles and scrub them, in between toes too, to get rid of the bacteria. Don’t forget to dry your feet completely before you get out of the shower. Well begun is half done.

2. Don’t repeat your footwear for two consecutive days

Most men have their favourite pair which they are comfortable slipping into every time they step out, but shoes too need some time off. Remember, sweaty shoes are smelly shoes. Wearing them on consecutive days does not give them enough time to dry out from the previous day’s wear. So do rotate your collection for fresher feet, especially when you wish to go sockless.

3. Baking soda

Not just for cooking, baking soda has umpteen other benefits. It is a deodorizer in itself. Just fill in a small cloth bag or an empty tea bag and place it in your shoes. It will work wonder overnight as it will soak up moisture and keep your shoes smelling fresh. This will certainly be your saviour when you want to step out sock-less.

4. Resealable bag + freezer

This is by far an easy way to keep your shoes fresh. Just place them in a resealable/ ziplock pouch and pop them inside the freezer. The extreme temperature will suck the bacteria and leave your footwear scent-free and cool.

5. Alcohol

Fill some rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and very gentle spray some inside your shoes. Alcohol is the ultimate weapon against any bacteria. But be careful to not saturate your shoes excessively.

6. Sprinkle foot powder in shoes

Every time you want to step out without your socks, don’t forget to apply foot powder. It will help your feet to stay dry through the day and you certainly can avoid an awkward situation by having non-smelly feet.

7. Use no-show loafer socks

In case you want to avoid all these hassles, yet want the sockless look, try the no-show loafer sock. These are readily available in the market these days. Their cut in low enough to not be visible from loafers and their anti-microbial fibres prevent foul odour.

So go ahead, step out in style. We have won the battle against the foot-odour.

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