Sole-mate for my soul-mate

Swamped by work pressure and Christmas preparations, I had almost missed my husband’s birthday last December. Exactly four days before the birthday, when I had flipped the calendar to check an office meeting’s schedule did it strike me.

And, all hell broke loose for a person like me who used to take pride in being good with dates. With very little time at hand, I had made up my mind that footwear would be a safe option for my shoe-crazy husband and it had been a while since he had invested in one.

Toni Rossi, my husband’s admired brand, had to be my first choice. So, I quickly logged on to in the hope that this time too they wouldn’t disappoint me.

Now, I had to pick a pair that my husband didn’t have. With his fetish for footwear, it was a task. As they say “an average man owns a dozen pair of shoes”. The same is the case with my man.

In his defence, “shoes form an important part of one’s look, and are a great way to add character to any ensemble.” As he always likes to play it safe with his blacks and browns, I thought of adding burgundy to his collection, I ordered a pair of formal slip-on shoes. I also had regular flowers and cake as standby, just in case the shoes didn’t arrive on time. But, the prompt customer service heeded my request and ensured that my order was shipped at the earliest. I received it just a day before and I was safe.

Now came the next challenge: how will The Mr. react to the gift. I surprised him at 12 and handed him the box. I had my fingers crossed.

Oh, I must add, I didn’t even have to gift wrap it as the packaging was as classy as the site’s products. He opened it and exclaimed, “Oh I had seen a burgundy shade on my colleague’s feet just the other day and was wondering how it would look on me”.

I heaved a sigh of relief. He took out the pair and appreciated my choice. Men being men, he went through its nuances. He was quite impressed by the look of it and the description said it all, “Crafted from natural adventure semi grain leather and has high-quality latex foam cushion insole”. The craftsmanship was class apart. The detailing with thread was so fine that it blended well.

Burgundy is considered a rather safe shade as it can be paired with a lot of trousers. Since they complement most of his trousers, my husband usually ends up wearing them all the time.

What more could I have asked for?

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