Sincerely Suited

Traditionally there are three classic types, to suits, from which you can choose your style. There is the Slack suit or American cut,

All about well fitted and well fabricated, suits.

Suit, to your style, successfully.

Traditionally there are three classic types, to suits, from which you can choose your style. There is the Slack suit or American cut, the Italian or European cut, and the British or English cut. Each of them uniquely styled, for a particular body type, depending on the region they originate from. Leaving an ascendancy to every gentleman, from these variations of suits, a style to pick for their body type. Since theirs indeed nothing like a well-fitted and fashionable suit, for the true gentleman.

The Slack suit or the American cut​, is a pleat less pant, for a much heavier and thicker body type. Loosely tapered around the waistline, with an overall squared look, from the padding provided at the shoulders. Giving it a more casual look typically by considering comfort, making it less stylish. The body of the jacket is very basic, with a single vent to the rear, low armholes, and flapped pockets.

A pair of high waisted single or double pleated pants, signed by the look of the surgeon’s cuffs​. The British or English, cut​, is for a more athletic and muscular body type. With little to no padding on the sharply structured shoulders. Completing the look with hacking pockets, over the tapered waist and dual vents to the rear of the jacket. This suit gives a slimming look, making you look taller and more elegant

An Italian or European, cut​, lives for the slip and athletic body type. This is most popular, with the youngsters, since it is both fashionable and edgy. To the shoulders which are heavily padded, the pants are tapered to a tight waist, creating an illusion of an inverted triangle. Ideally, this image is to signify power, strength, and authority in men. This is the most stylish suit, the only con about it is, that has no vent. Restricting movement, since vents are for the flexibility and comfort of the suit.

Pick a pattern, up the style

Be mindful, of what a suit can offer to you and remember It’s not all in the fit of the style. Patterns over fabric matter to the suit, just as much as the cut and fit itself. So do take a moment out to learn the fabric and its patterns too

The Twill​, a fabric weaved to diagonal lines. ​Herringbone​, a pattern alternated with diagonal lines to make a “V”. And ​Pinstripe​ a pattern, with regularly spaced lines, over a darker fabric. Are all variations, for patterns with stripes.

The ​Glen Urquhart​ and ​Windowpane​, are checkers, of modifying sizes. These are the patterns with checks, along with the ​Houndstooth​, that is a sequence of jagged and broken checks.

If you are serious about fashion, these are starters to understanding, the suit. And pairing them with the right Toni Rossi’s will complete the look to perfection!

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