At Toni Rossi, we make ethical and environmentally-responsible products.

Because we believe, good shoes lead to good steps and a better world.

Sustainable Genuine Leather

Why genuine leather is sustainable compared to “faux leather” flooding the market?

There are many reasons. To begin with, the leather we use is a secondary by-product of other industries like dairy and meat. We follow processes and tanning in the most eco-friendly manner (LWG Audited).

Sustainable Use

Genuine leather lasts longer, compared to “faux leather” products. Hence the use is sustainable with lesser wastage or repeated purchases.


Genuine leather is biodegradable, unlike faux-leather.
Polyurethane or PVC used to make the vegan leather (faux leather) has it’s own environmental pollution problems (with plasticizers etc). Faux leather takes far longer to break down or biodegrade and can release microplastics when it breaks down. Making faux leather from petrochemicals is not sustainable or renewable.

Genuine leather can be easily recycled or re-used, compared to faux leather.

Eco-Friendly Tannery

LWG Gold Standard | ZERO Effluents

Toni Rossi shoes are crafted from tanneries with LWG Gold Standard rating. It means, the tanneries meet the highest audit standards of Leather Working Group (LWG) in terms of environmental policies & compliances. Our tanneries have ZERO effluents, thanks to the stringent standards followed and the water-treatment plant.

Toni Rossi – Shoes loved by nature

With every possible step taken to make our leather and shoes nature-friendly, we call them “shoes loved by nature.” Wear them proudly.



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