Remedies for shoe bite

Are those coveted nifty buys giving your feet some discomfort? Don’t break a sweat. Albeit shoe bites can be a pesky issue

Are those coveted nifty buys giving your feet some discomfort? Don’t break a sweat. Albeit shoe bites can be a pesky issue; you probably are only a few easy homemade remedies away from riding yourself off the concern – completely. Scroll through our lowdown for more…

Coconut Oil

One of the most commonly found ingredients in the kitchen cabinet, coconut oil can be a life-saver – in ways you can barely imagine! To treat a sore shoe bitten area (of your feet), blend one tsp camphor to two tsp coconut oil. Apply the concoction onto your skin right after taking the shoes off and also overnight. This step is said to reduce inflammation and itching.

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera is not just stellar at combating acne. Packed with rich anti-bacterial properties, the plant is said to be miraculous at treating shoe bites. And, all you’ll probably need to do is apply the freshly extracted paste from the plant onto the affected areas of your feet. Let it stay for a while before washing off in lukewarm water.


Going about with this step comes as a no-brainer. Start off by throwing in a couple of ice cubes into a clean, dry towel. Press it against the affect areas. Do this for at least 10 minutes. The process is said to instantly relieve the pain in an instant.


While this may raise your eyebrows, hold on for a moment before you judge. What if we told you fitting in a few freshly cut raw potato slices inside your shoes and on the heels could go a long way in reducing the painful effects of shoe bites? Try it to see it for yourself!

Lastly, if you are really short on time. Here’s a trick which won’t disappoint: Whether you want to save yourself from an embarrassing squeaky sound or ensure your brand new footwear doesn’t leave you with a shoe bite, sprinkle some baby powder onto your feet. And make it a practice to do this every time you wear them. Do this at least half an hour before slipping into those new shoes. Doing so helps reduce the friction and enables easy gliding into the footwear. And the biggest plus? Hardly takes a couple of minutes to try.
So, if you’re been steering clear off a particular pair in in your shoe rack; now is the time to implement these hacks and make it work!

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