Present him a pair

Birthdays, festivals or customary visits, gifts are an inevitable component of them all. Love it or hate, but you can’t ignore it. It’s fun when

Birthdays, festivals or customary visits, gifts are an inevitable component of them all. Love it or hate, but you can’t ignore it. It’s fun when the entire family gets together, argues over what to gift, settles after much discussion, orders it, gift wraps it and ultimately the smile on the recipient’s face — priceless.

Especially during festivals, the last-minute running around to pick and pack can be tough. Undoubtedly, with limited options, it is a task to pick gifts for men. If you’re struggling with what to buy that special friend or family member, why not treat them to a brand new pair of shoes.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be just shoes, there is a huge selection of footwear to pick from that would make the perfect gift, from elegant boots to comfortable moccasins to cosy slippers.

And, if you feel you can’t find a specific pair or not sure of the persons’ taste/ requirement, a gift voucher can be an option as this will give the recipients the freedom to choose what to buy for themselves.

While picking footwear to gift, think about the season, requirement and taste. A pair of boots will be a welcome gift for winters, while a pair of slippers are comfortable for those sweltering summer days. And then, of course, you have the all-season formals shoes.

As mentioned earlier, while picking up shoes, it’s important to keep the person’s taste in mind. If someone loves their formal look, there’s no point in getting them slip-ons and vice versa. Footwear can be a great gifting idea for men and with so much variety out there you can find something for your sons, husbands, dads, granddads or friends, and they’ll love it.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re picking it up for a sporty son, gardening dad or stylish husband, the choice out there is huge

Formals and Boots

When you are not too sure and want to play safe, a pair of formal shoes should be your best bet. If the person’s more of a shoe man, gift him almond toe shoes with pepper pot detailing.

For a colleague or workaholic father, who sports formals almost all the time, a formal pair will be a great idea. If you want to give the regular blacks and browns a rest, you have a range of shades to pick from. Burgundy, green, grey, navy and white are some great and unique shades.

For young sons and brothers, a pair of boots can be a great buy that they can flaunt during winters.


Surprise your health-conscious dad with a pair of casual shoes. With lots of bright, bold colours and retro designs to choose from, they’ll love wearing these for their evening strolls. The comfort and look will certainly earn you some brownie points.

Young men too will appreciate a pair because for them and their rough use, it’s always ‘more the merrier’.


These easy to slip in pairs are gaining popularity among men. One of its advantages is that it can be worn even without socks, so it’s a big win during summers. Its comfort has no comparison.

From formal slip-ons for business trips to a flat-sole driving shoe for weekend get-aways, moccasins can be a great choice to gift. Known as the driving shoes, mocassins are an absolute joy for those long drives. Its classic leather finish just adds finesse.

Sandals and slippers

For men who want to be free, but at the same time look classy with some leather on, a pair of leather slippers can be a great buy.

For on-the-go fathers and husbands, why not treat them to some super lightweight slippers.

So, there we have our guide to what footwear styles would make a good gift for your family and friends. Don’t forget to think about the recipient’s taste and requirement.  So go on, get the gifts in the bag ready for before the festive season hits.

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