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Toni Rossi is a premium lifestyle brand, inspired by the Italian way of life. We make stylish and comfortable shoes from genuine leather.

Toni Rossi gives you first class footwear experience. We believe confidence is the sum of comfort and style. It helps the wearer tread on challenging paths, take on adventures and make his own way. For a true alpha, this confidence is the key because every step he takes, counts.

From classic to contemporary, each pair of Toni Rossi is a style statement that marks the traits of an effortless gentleman. The timeless designs, fine craftsmanship and extraordinary comfort make a statement that speaks louder than words.

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There are men who follow everything that is trending and pay attention to everybody’s opinions. And then there are men who are “true gentlemen” who fall under the category of “true alpha”.

Toni Rossi is for those men who are proud of who they are..

They lead their pack, are loyal, courageous and kind. A Toni Rossi man is always confident. He is assertive, but not aggressive. He follows his beliefs and paves his own way. What makes each pair of Toni Rossi unique is the image of the man who owns them. Celebrating the essence of a true alpha.

When everyone else is busy following trends & trying to fit in, go for the timeless classics from Toni Rossi because, a gentleman never goes out of fashion. Stay true to your style. Wear your confidence. Put your best foot forward. Follow your dream and walk your own roads. Be an alpha. Be a Toni Rossi man. Because, a wolf doesn’t pay attention to the sheep’s opinion.

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