Men’s shoes styles that women love

Men, take heed – if scoring a date and some extra style points are on your agenda, its a wise bet to not overlook the footwear you sport

Men, take heed – if scoring a date and some extra style points are on your agenda, its a wise bet to not overlook the footwear you sport. Yes, women tend to observe your shoe preferences a tad more than you’d imagine. So, if you’re on the lookout to land a date; scroll through our list for fail-safe tips to consider before carting your next pair.

Say yes to closed shoes

Turns out, open shoes that give out a peek-a-boo of your toes are a big turn off. If you’re headed for a date, choose moccasins, espadrilles, loafers, boat shoes or pristine white slip-on sneakers over flip flops and slides that exude a sluggish and laid-back vibe.The rule also applies to square toed shoes and hi-tops. However, ensure your closed footie are squeaky clean in order to avoid leaving a shoddy impression. Black cap-toes oxfords are stellar options too, provided you etch out a balance by going casual with your outfit.

Pay attention to details

Abiding by this one in the rule book will keep you in good (sartorial) stead. Women notice (and appreciate) men who take the efforts to pull off a sharp look. So, as much as its imperative to invest in a fine pair of footwear, also ensure you wear it well. For instance, wearing those snazzy penny loafers with socks just don’t make the cut – ever. So, go sock less. And, if you’re white sneakers aren’t really white, make sure to get them cleaned before you check in.

Boots are not for all

While combat and chukka boots are having a major fashion moment, they also come with a statutory warning – to never be worn on a first date (or the next, right after) Boots exude a rugged appeal, alright. But, the idea of teaming them with jeans and casual tee? Not a great idea. However, if you’re super confident of carrying out the look by striking a fine balance between classy and chic, without remotely resembling a cowboy, go ahead with tan chukka boots sans any perforations.

Invest in leather

If you’re contemplating spending a fortune on those coveted leather shoes, go ahead. A fine leather shoe will not disappoint, and, will last long enough, provided you take timely measures to maintain them. Avoid skimping on a quality polish and spare laces.

While it’s always a delight to see a man who is well-turned out, do not go overboard. A well-dressed gentleman needn’t break his bank to make a statement. Ensure you spend adequate amounts of time in putting a look together. Steer clear of styles that are free from tacky slogans and logos.Don’t skip the polishing bit and jazz up a mundane lace-up by replacing them with electric-hued counterparts. Most importantly, pick styles that seem and feel comfortable.

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