Know your soles

Carting a new pair of shoes, only to discover its quality is not on par, is a dime-a-dozen tragedy. That said, did you know paying

Carting a new pair of shoes, only to discover its quality is not on par, is a dime-a-dozen tragedy. That said, did you know paying extra heed to the soles of your shoes could size down the risk to a large extend? Solving the risk of back and feet pain. Scroll through our list to make better footwear choices – by choosing soles that do justice to your footwear choices…

Leather soles

No brownie points for guessing why leather soles top our list.  A sophisticated finish aside, there’s no denying how these soles are high maintenance– with minimal resistance ability. But that said, there’s also no denying that leather soles are the perfect bet for dress shoes. Their overall make, with the signature clinking sound every time you walk, exude a sharp formal appeal.

Crepe rubber

As the title suggests, crepe rubber soles are essentially made of rubber. Characterized by a hefty structure and sticky texture, these rubber soles are tailor made for casual boots. The most widely available variety of these are its synthesized variant, which are often found in a beige/ off white hues.

Raw cord

Sturdy and reliable, raw cord soles are made out of rubber. This kind is usually found on combat boots. Raw cords are weather-proof and perfect for outdoor activities. However, they came into the picture ling before rubber soles, and hence, enjoy lesser prominent as compared to their counterparts.


Thinking of hiking? Pick commando soles. Exclusively designed for trekking, hiking and hard core adventure activities, commando shoes are most preferred for the impressive traction that it offers. The legendary shoe sole is for keepers, and investing in an expensive pair, won’t disappoint.

Rubber camp

Rubber camps are one of the most preferred sole options, owing to its casual appeal teamed with flexibility and lightweight nature. With a dotted rubber design, these runner soles offer maximum friction and are perfect sole choices for casual and semi-formal footwear. Moccasins and summer sandals are mostly made of rubber caps.

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