Know your shoes. A man’s guide to shoes

Discomfort and a clear sign of careless approach aside, the lack of adequate knowledge about shoes can land you in a pool of trouble– from embarrassing fashion faux pas and health

Discomfort and a clear sign of careless approach aside, the lack of adequate knowledge about shoes can land you in a pool of trouble– from embarrassing fashion faux pas and health problems to a shoddy vibe altogether. So, how does one avoid the disaster? By knowing your footwear, and ways to care for it, of course. Glide through our list of rules to follow to not err…

Know your shoes

Given the myriad availability of footwear, it would be safe to categorize shoes as per common brackets such as:

Casual footwear

Saddle shoes, boat shoes and canvas shoes are some of the most commonly worn casual footwear. The rules to abide by, when wearing casual footwear, are simple:

A) Always ensure your canvas shoes are free of grim and dust.Nothing spells disaster to an outfit more than unkept canvas footwear. Also, ensure you separate the lace from the shoes to enhance the effectiveness of the cleanse. A well-polished canvas shoe can be worn with just about anything informal – regular jeans, trousers and shorts.

B) Boat shoes or moccasins are made for the sunny days. Since they can be worn without socks and are found in various colours, it is best suited to pair it with casual trousers.

C) Saddle shoes are an intelligent investment. We give you two reasons: The instep region of these shoes are usually covered by leather, in a colour which is different from the rest of the shoes. The two-toned footwear is ideal for an eye-catchy casual appeal. Casual Fridays at work, outdoor weddings and brunches are some of the places, best-suited to sport saddle shoes.

Athletic shoes

While trainers could be the first thing that comes to your mind as you read this sub-header, point is, long gone are the days when running shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes were just worn when you were headed to a gym or took to the tracks. Athletic shoes primarily do the job of protecting your feet during outdoor activities, but you can always don them with casual wear to up your style quotient- even if you aren’t on the run.

Dress shoes

As the title suggests, shoes like oxfords and slip-ons that fall in this category are sturdy, statement-making and mostly suited for occasion wear or to spruce up your outfit. Oxfords are further sub-divided according to their lacing patterns, namely as balmorals and bluchers. Balmoral oxfords entail a closed lacing pattern are steeply priced and tailor-made for formal wear and times when you’d be wearing a suit. Bluchers, on the other hand, offer room for experimentation. One can opt for vivid colours and play around with styles while sporting bluchers for that sharp weekend appeal.


like moccasins and tassel loafers exude a more fuss-free chic vibe, and is perfect to channel your semi-formal spunk. Slip-ons are characterized by their lace-less built and are versatile. Style them smartly with pant-suits or even with tapered trousers for a subtle yet striking offbeat look.

Also remember to tick against the following, before carting your next pair.

Comfort is everything

No matter how attractive or in vogue a particular shoe type is, if it isn’t comfortable, it quite doesn’t make the cut. When buying for shoes, do not restrict the idea to just scouring the shelves for the right size. Paying heed to the toe structure and the arch support is imperative.

Maintenance is mighty

We’ve all probably heard of how important it is to take care of your shoes. But, despite a choc-a-bloc schedule, ensure you rotate your shoes. Doing so extends its longevity and also gives it the time for them to dry from perspiration.

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