How to wear white trainers

Want to give dailywear a trendy spin? Or rather, do you wish to jazz up your personal style without breaking the bank (or your head) ?

Want to give dailywear a trendy spin? Or rather, do you wish to jazz up your personal style without breaking the bank (or your head) ? Well, either way, picking white trainers won’t disappoint. Often considered a wardrobe staple, the classic white trainers are versatile, comfortable and extremely easy to style. That said, if you intend to give those whities a go, here is a lowdown to follow…

1) When in doubt, pick tan or darker tones. By this we mean, pairing those pristine white classic trainers with a pair of tan or beige chinos is a surefire hit. This look exudes a dapper-yet-relaxed vibe, and is perfect for informal, casual and sunny outings. If you wish to stick to classics, sport them with a pair of well-fitted black or navy trousers.

2) If shorts are your go-to, then you might want to consider this: Match the colour of your shirt with your shoes. Despite white trainers not being hard to style, it’s always suggested to start with subtle shades. For instance, wear beige shorts with a white tee paired with white trainers. Throw over a jacket for added effect.

3) Staying ahead of the sartorial curve, especially while playing around with formals, is not easy. But, to begin with, pairing (READ SQUEAKY CLEAN) white sneakers with a three-piece gets a double like tap from us. Need some style inspiration? ( Run a close eye through the look of David Beckham, totally slaying it in an all black number – only to give the look a subtle yet striking finish by teaming the outfit with white sneakers.

4) With a slight nip in the air, it’s certain that looking stylish takes a backseat as, the focus get directed towards keeping yourself warm and comfortable. And, the biggest plus about investing in a fine pair of white trainers is that the shoes promise you both – comfort and functionality. So, if you’re heading out on a cold Winter morning, slip your feet into a pair of white sneakers which can be paired with a pullover over a shirt or a trench coat over a checkered shirt.

5) If all fails, or you are just feeling a little too lazy to be putting too much thought into dressing, here’s an easy way to put together a stunning look – sport classic white sneakers over a casual tee and slim fit pants, with a black leather jacket thrown in. Oh, and did we forget draping a woolen stole around the neck? Nope, we didn’t!

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