How to maintain leather shoes

Carting the perfect pair of leather shoes is only half the job done – unless you decide to invest enough time and effort in its minimal yet timely upkeep.

Carting the perfect pair of leather shoes is only half the job done – unless you decide to invest enough time and effort in its minimal yet timely upkeep. Keeping one of the most commonly asked questions about leather shoes in mind, here’s a handy guide to consider for maintaining leather shoes

Different variants of leather require different degrees of care. The first step to maintaining your shoes is by following this simple step of regularly brushing the uppers of your leather shoes.

However, if there is a thick layer of debris on the surface, gently wipe the surface of your dress shoes using a damp cloth with wax polish applied onto it.

To retain the high gloss effect of your leather shoes, choose polishes and cleansers that contain silicone.

Busting one of the most popular myths, conditioning may seem similar to polishing – but in reality, is radically different. Polishing is a process that needs more of a daily routine, while conditioning is occasional. You might need to apply a cream conditioner, using a clean cotton wipe, on the exteriors of your shoes in circular directions. Let it stay for at least 20 minutes.

One cardinal rule to follow about polishing? Pay close attention to the colour of the polish used. Ideally, the polish applied should match the colour of your shoes.

Water (and all kinds of moisture) is your leather shoes’ biggest foe. Steer clear of wearing them during the rainy season. But just in case your dress shoes have come in contact with water, stuff them with papers to suck out all of it. Same goes with sunlight – keep your shoes away from direct exposure to heat of any kind of heat. Invest in a good leather protector, as this serves as a cover against water induced leather shoe problems.

Post cleaning, it is best recommended to air dry your leather shoes – at room temperature. There are dryers in the market; but steer clear from external sources of heating. They might rapidly dry out your shoes, but may leave with other side-effects such as the texture becoming unevenly brittle, and can also harm the adhesives.

When it comes to storing leather shoes, always ensure they are neatly placed back into the rack. A lot of people tend to store their shoes in their original shoe boxes. This practice, leads to the shoes trapping in humidity— which deteriorates the fabric and the make of the shoes over time.

Maintenance may seem like a hassle, especially if you have a choc a block schedule, but paying adequate attention and care to your leather shoes will go a long way in increasing its longevity and aesthetic value.

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