Guide to shopping for leather shoes

As they say, the right pair of leather shoes can really go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal of your attire. While there are myriad varieties and probably a glut of options to choose

As they say, the right pair of leather shoes can really go a long way in enhancing the overall appeal of your attire. While there are myriad varieties and probably a glut of options to choose from; the texture of authentic leather feels and exudes a strikingly different vibe – from their counterfeit counterparts. So, how does one make the right choice? Want to be let in on the secrets of making the perfect purchase? Here are boxes to tick against before carting your next dress shoe.

All of the biggest and niche leather brands vouch by the fact that their shoes are made of pure animal hide – and have hallmarks testifying the same. The next time you pick up a formal pair of leather shoes, ensure you don’t overlook this attribute. The reasons behind stressing to consider using shoes made of the purest form of leather are simple: It is the richness and quality of the texture, which ensures the durability of the shoes. Also, leather shoes made of inferior hides begin to wear out a lot faster than premium-ly built ones.

As per popular reports, one of the easiest ways to detect an authentic leather shoe from its wannabe version is by paying a closer look at the way it has been stitched. Albeit the stitching varies from one brand to another; it is best recommended to opt for a pair, where the stitching is seamlessly blended onto the surface – leaving behind no trails. More prominent stitching lines are also another striking feature to consider. Another tip to note is to settle for leather shoes with an inbuilt textured appearance. The ruggedness and stretches only add to its classic appeal. So, don’t throw a fit when you notice the appearance of fine lines over a period of time. It only adds to its timeless factor. However, if the shoes denote a scuffed appearance, it’s time to replace the worn out pair!

Colours to consider: While you may want to stick to black, there are other interesting picks to take a look at as well. Remember, nothing spells disaster that a wrongly colour coordinated outfit. Basically put, ensure the colour of your shoes correspond to your suit. For instance, pick black leather shoes for black, grey and navy pants. Settle for brown leather shoes for beige, tan or light brown suits. Opt for dark tanned shoes for white and lighter hued bottom wear.

Albeit the toe shape of dress shoes are designed keeping varied preferences in mind, one must steer clear of super symmetrical toed shoes. One of the easiest ways to decipher the ideal shoe type for your feet is by paying close attention to the silhouette of your feet. Now, pick a shoe shape which serves the closest resemblance to the same. You could probably choose a pair with a slightly elongated toe box. But be warned, anything too elongated would give out an unsightly and shoddy appearance.

Determining the appropriate heel length of your dress shoe goes a long way in enhancing or reducing its wear-ability factor. Anything above 1 ½ inches are a big no – unless you want to appear ridiculously turned out.

Lastly, nothing brings more regret than an impulsive buy. Even after ticking your boxes against that next buy, ensure you at least spend a couple of minutes walking in those shoes. This helps in getting you to actually experience how it feels. Anything that feels a little too snug is a big no. Also, the area around the heels of your leather shoes must be loose. Authentic leather does not give out a strong fragrance. Neither does it seem like a bag of chemicals just burst before your nostrils. Leather has a subtle smell, and smells pretty much like its polish. So, turn away from anything that smells or feels like plastic. Also, do not forget to keep a box containing some of the essentials in handy – a spare shoe lace you can rotate your current one with, shoe polish, a clean towel, and leather shoe wax. Fragrance is also another important factor to consider.

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