Footwear Routine

Leather alike your skin whiffs and twist, over time looking beaten down to scuff and cracks. Hence it is vital to follow up with a leather care routine before

How to utterly polish into a perfect pair of leather shoes

Leather alike your skin whiffs and twist, over time looking beaten down to scuff and cracks. Hence it is vital to follow up with a leather care routine before the special event, keeping shoes looking glossy and well. A little care will take you a long way, maybe even a lifetime…

Understand what goes over the skin by choosing the best products, to help revitalize your favourite pair of leather shoes. You will need a shoe conditioner a shoe cream and a shoe polish. Out in the market, you will find products available that give you the benefit of a conditioner and cream put together. The difference is that a conditioner acts solely as a cleanser by making the material soft and supple.

Conditions are typically used after a thorough soap wash, with liquid soap mixed in water rubbed onto the leather with a washcloth, later left to air dry. Unlike a shoe cream, the conditioner absorbs the product, leaving no layer over the shoe. Shoe cream glazes the shoe adding colour by moisturizing to make it look rich, similar to a toner, but this is not the same as a wax polish. Ultimately it is the Wax that not only adds a layer over the leather, protecting it against weather, this also gives you that preferred shine.

Be sure to have picked the right colour for your shoes, if you haven’t found the exact colour of polish or cream, just use a tone lighter but never darker.

And before you start to add a layer over layers of polish left behind, keep in mind to clean the shoe with a brush or cloth, leaving no layer of dust too.

By now you have possibly, gather to establish, the steps to go about the leather routine.

Yes, u start with simply cleaning your shoes, either by washing it or wiping it neat.

This is followed by conditioning with a clean dry cloth, further leading to the application of the shoe cream than the wax polish, using a separate thick cloth assigned for the particular colour.

Use a large soft brush in robust circular and two and fro motion to even out by melting the wax to a shine. It is perfectly okay to add another layer of wax over this, then buffing with a smaller brush, this is an additional cover of protection. This is not a legit requirement to double polish your shoes and some shoes don’t need polish; good conditioning is all it takes.

Traditionally polishing is a simpler and more popular method of dying, when the colour over the shoes is wearing off, with time.

Over the sole of the shoe, if it is of leather, you can use either mink oil or shoe grease to protect and polish it. Give your shoe one last good rub, after these steps and ready them for the performance.

This is a simple first aid for shoe lovers. Try it.

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