Toni Rossi makes good shoes that leave good footprints in the world.

From choosing the leather, crafting ultra-comfortable shoes, to sharing our profits with social-causes to make this world a better place, we strive to stay true to the goodness of values we firmly believe in.

Genuine LWG Gold Standard Leather

Every pair, we repeat, every pair of ToniRossi is crafted in genuine LWG Gold Standard Leather.

Hazardous chemical-free, and procured from LWG audited and LWG Gold rated tanneries.

Eco-friendly Tannery

Toni Rossi shoes are made of genuine leather from our tanneries spread across 25 acres. With a state-of-the-art water treatment plant, there is ZERO effluent from our tanneries. Our tanneries are ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified and LWG Audited and Gold Rated.

Ethical Factories

We do not run sweat-shops.
We have happy & ethical work-places. It means, our factories are SA-8000 Certified (​​ to ensure a socially responsible and happy work-place for our craftsmen. Because we believe, happy people can create great products.

Right Quality at Right Price

Our focus is always on crafting top-quality shoes at the right price. We use genuine LWG Gold standard leather, take time to craft each pair of shoe (72 hours each), at an ethical factory. By paying everyone fairly, which we always do, we make a product that is socially responsible and rightly priced.

When you buy a pair of ToniRossi, you get the best value genuine leather shoes you would be proud to wear.

Making the world a better place

At Toni Rossi, we believe in taking steps that leave great footprints and make the world better. Supporting underprivileged children who have no access to nutritious and clean food is one of the causes close to our hearts.

For every shoe sold, we contribute a share of our profit to this cause.



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