Dressing like an alpha

The alpha male isn’t merely a personality type. But rather, is a conscious choice – to make a striking statement – by embracing your true self.

The alpha male isn’t merely a personality type. But rather, is a conscious choice – to make a striking statement – by embracing your true self. The new-age alpha man embodies an air of unbridled confidence armed with an individualistic demeanor, an indomitable spirit and a steely determination to lead the pack. Indeed, it takes the right mash of discretion, eternal style and sophistication to stand out from the crowd. But, how about making a start by carting the right buys for your feet? For, as the old adage goes by, the shoe makes the man – indeed holds a great deal of truth. Scroll through our lowdown of six must-have shoes every man must invest in to upgrade his look.


Oxfords top our list– and for good reason. Characterized by a signature close cap, leather sole and closed lacing system; oxford shoes are one of the most preferred formal footwear options. The sturdy and striking exteriors exude a dapper alpha vibe, and helps you spruce up a suited-up look sans much effort. Pick one in black or deep brown to create myriad styles every time you put them on. Steer clear of perforations of any kind, and reserve these dress shoes only for black tie and formal events.

Monk straps

Fuss-free and effortlessly stylish, monk straps, as the title of the shoes suggest, are your go-to for an edgier take on casual wear or semi-formal wear. Given the lack of laces and how the availability of these shoes are mostly in single and double straps; Monk straps are perfect to spruce up a look without slipping into the ubiquitous sandals. Wear them for a debonair look, truly characteristic of the new-age go-getter.

Wingtip derby

For those yearning to amp up a semi-formal look with comfortable and versatile footwear, a wingtip derby is the answer. Some of the salient features of wingtip derbies are heel caps, brogues on the edges, and a pointed toe cap. Mid brown are your best bet to style it in multifarious ways, with myriad outfits and looks. The whole idea behind sporting a derby is to show a wee bit of an exposed ankle. Hence, rolled up trousers and cuffed pants are better choices to team derbies with. Sport derbies for a playful yet gentlemanly appeal – and a real one at that.

Winter boots

With a slight nip in the air, what better time than now to add a dose of comfy yet chic vibe into your shoedrobe by carting a pair of well-fitting winter boots? For a more understated appearance, pick simple patterns with a leaner silhouette to take your casual tee with jeans look a notch higher, without necessarily going overboard. This works well for a nonchalant spin that surely won’t go noticed. Men who’ve mastered the art of dressing right, know the importance of wearing the right pair of shoes, irrespective of the season. So, channel your alpha persona with the right dash of verve, to make a subtle yet striking statement.

Training shoes

It’s the era of pristine white sneakers/ training shoes. Whether you want to make heads turn on days you don’t have much time on yourself, or just want to jazz up a casual look, trainers wont disappoint. A fail safe style tip? Trainers look best when worn with cuffed trousers. The whole idea of sporting trainers is to exude a casual appeal, so stick to simpler designs over heavy prints and patterns. If you’re apprehensive of going for white owing to its maintenance constraints, shades of navy and grey are stellar choices too. Who said big boys don’t play? Wear em’ trainers and score brownie points for being a male who leads the pack- with a dose of casual sass.

Dark-hued loafers

Quite the kind who happens to be stubbornly loyal to a pair of shoes? If yes,it would be a wise choice to invest in a pair of nifty loafers – to score major points in the sartorial section, without having to dig through many options the shoe rack. Pick shades like navy, oxblood, taupe and deep brown to make it work. Albeit loafers slide towards a slightly more casual look, it works equally well for work-wear as it does for casual wear. So, style them with chinos, jeans, suits or casual trousers. You can never really go wrong with them. Ideal for the classicists; dark-hued loafers are tailor-made for alpha gentlemen with an eye for the best.

Tip to always make it work? Remember no matter what the occasion, it is imperative to match your belt to the colour of your shoe. This is one of the key pointers to tick against before you step outdoors.

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