Dressing like a gentleman

Irrefutably, there are multifarious choices for the new-age male shopper. And yet, ironically, that doesn’t quite rid one off the

Irrefutably, there are multifarious choices for the new-age male shopper. And yet, ironically, that doesn’t quite rid one off the concerns of wanting to make the right choice while picking up an outfit and the key accessories to go with it. Indeed, dressing like a gentleman is easier said than done – and is probably an amalgamation of class, taste and accurate discernment. But, what if we told you that making a start wasn’t that hard provided you paid heed to the cardinal rules of fashion? So, whether you’re a perfectionist or just an other metropolitan man on the go, here’s a lowdown on tips to consider before zeroing on the ideal footwear as per the occasion…


For an edgier spin on your office attire, consider swapping your oxfords for brogues. Pick half brogues and classic brogues for that boardroom meeting. And while brogues are best suited as dress shoes, they have fast moved from just being those, and are pegged as one of the most versatile options out there. That means, you could probably pick one in classic brown and wear them with a pin-stripe suit. Or probably just choose full brogues to team with v-neck tees, plaid and chambray shirts and chinos.


They might scream formal; but oxford shoes have come a long way ever since myriad variants of it came into the picture. For instance, blue, burgundy, charcoal grey, emerald and suede oxfords are the best accompaniments to go with shirts and straight-cut jeans. Settle for black leather oxfords, if your personal style is more basic, and if the shoes are intended to be worn for only formal occasions.

Derby shoes

Open laces apart, these shoes have an uncanny resemblance to oxford shoes. You could team them with chinos, suits or maybe that trusted pair of jeans. They’re versatile, but do give exude a dressy vibe. Pick them in reds and browns for a subtle yet striking statement. You can also break the monotony by picking something in a standout shade and keeping the rest of your look to the basic.

Formal boots

Dress boots are for men, who’re confident about digressing a bit from the norm – at least, with regard to their sartorial choices. Best suited for a preppy appeal, wear them with cuffed jeans, collared shirt and a plain round neck pullover. Opt for chelsea boots and pair them with straight legged jeans and leather jackets to channel your inner spunk with a streak of class. When it comes to picking designs, simple is strong. Focus on getting your hands on premium fabrics like leather and suede to ensure they last long enough, and in a neat condition.

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