Colour meets Colour

Yes playing with colours is indeed tricky, it’s a fine line between looking like crayons or classy. No grown man, precisely no gentleman,

How to match-make and mix, colours in your wardrobe, to look classy.

Yes playing with colours is indeed tricky, it’s a fine line between looking like crayons or classy. No grown man, precisely no gentleman, would want to look cringe-worthy. Yet Color can be played to style and still be carried in class, provided it is done so, tastefully. But how does one accomplish such an Art?

Begin by experimenting, with time, to recognize what works for you and what works against you. Or you could simply, just read this article!

First understand what shades of colour, look good against your skin tone and what to avoid.

You could have put together an outfit, that is perfectly colour-coordinated, yet something seems to be working against you?. This is possible, the choice of colours you picked, that isn’t looking good with your skin tone.

Cooler colours, like pink, white, khaki, baby blues or hues of grey, look grand against a Dark skin tone. You probably thought otherwise and have been experimenting with bolder colours instead, wondering why black, brows, reds and turquoise looked down.

For a Paler skin type, it’s advisable to avoid loud and bright colours. Try soft hues of pleasant looking colours like blue, brown, beige and an off-whites which would be ideal.

And if you are of a medium skin tone avoid shades of greens and browns that camouflage. Instead opt for monotones of bold colours like burgundy, royal blue, beige and a black. These colours have a serious undertone that gives a refined look.

Experiment in these basic colours with variations under patterns of checkers and stripes. If you are feeling a little fun and want to look on the edge yet classy, try sober designs, grouped far apart against a shade that suits you. Patterns of design over your tops that are cramped are a big no if you are going for a classic and crisp look.

The next step now would be to colour coordinate your outfits, following what suits your skin type

Keeping colours under control by putting together a modest-looking outfit, that is well-fitted, are the key to appearing effortless and classy. Classy is for the confident, who don’t feel obliged under trends.

Keep it simple in White shirts, versus darker shades of trousers like tan, dark brown, khaki, midnight blue, navy blue, grey, olive green, black, checkered even maybe. This is a staple in style and the divine look of class. These colours in trousers are a basic yet fun must-haves in a man’s wardrobe, apart from standard off-white trousers, in order to be able to mix and match them with different shades of shirts.

Some basic or standard outfits you cannot go wrong with, white shirts over tan trousers, light blue over dark denim, soft pink over olive chinos, lightly coloured small checkered shirts over navy blue pants and bold red checks over grey pants.

Not to say tan trousers do not go well with other shades of shirts, like soft pink, light blue or navy blue and a midnight blue. Likewise, Denim, White pants and Black trousers, look perfectly great with a soft pink shirt. Grey chinos are an epiphany over dark shirts of colours like black and brown. Black pants are usually a norm over stripes or checkered patterns of colours in shirts that would suit you.

By the end of putting together outfits that swear by the rule, you should have developed a sharp eye, for what looks good and what doesn’t.

Since the idea here is to craft a sharp-looking outfit, complete the look, by pairing the right coloured Toni Rossi shoes with it.

Classy cover the length and breadth of shoes, from formals, dress formals, casual sneaker to big boy boots. What’s hard to pin down is what colour is the right colour? for a well-balanced colour coordinated outfit.

Depending on the look you are going to make sure you have picked shoes for the right occasion and finish by choosing the right colour. If the event is a formal one go for dark shades in shoes, like dark browns, tans, and classic charcoal black; over Grey, Black and Blue suits.

White, navy blue and a great pair of grey Sneakers for street style, paired with dark denim, white pants, and olive chinos. Don’t be afraid to pair a white Toni Rossi sneakers with white shirts, white on white is supreme, like olive pants over brow footwear on the other hand.

And if the look you are going for is a little bit more dressy, try the heavenly shades of tassel, in browns over a checkered pair of pants in magenta, midnight blue and pale mustard colour.

Remember that the look you are going for is sharp and conventional yet innovative. Colours complete the look and you complete the colour look. So play it well.

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